Conventional flagpoles are made with all marine grade components.

It is important that the pole length and its diameter are in proportion to the size of flag flown. Rule of thumb- 2 yd best suited to 6 m pole; 2 1/2 yd on 8 m and 3 yd on 10 m.

Poles can be mounted over a spigot concreted into the ground (usually the most economic way); a plinth type spigot; a folding spigot or direct fixed to a substantial structure like a wall or post.

Bigger diameter poles have more "presence".

Depending on pole diameter poles can be supplied with External or Internal halyards. The min. pole section for an Internal halyard is 3" or 76.25 mm. A tapered pole is a cost effective way to fabricate and transport poles over 6 m long with easy on-site assembly.

Stock material is powdercoated white. Other powdercoat colours can be supplied as a extra as can anodised to marine specifications.

Mill finish aluminium without some coating will turn black with weathering.

Section sizing- 2"/ 50 mm; 3"/ 76.2 mm and 4"/ 100 mm

For poles taller than 10 m call 0800 435 247


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